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She wrote proposals, solicited funding and letters of support, talked with legislators and governors about changing laws, and learned to speak up at public hearings.Her Minnesota upbringing taught her to be respectfully soft spoken.Born in Berkeley, California, Bersch is the oldest of six and comes from a lineage of heroic women.

Today there are Centers for Independent Living throughout the state with outreach to many sites in rural Alaska.Her challenge was to promote awareness and acceptance of disabled persons in order to accomplish the goals of being respected, accepted, and integrated into the communities of their able-bodied neighbors.At the time there was no accessible housing, transportation, restrooms, restaurants, theaters, or parking.There were few vocational training opportunities or jobs for adults who experienced a substantial physically disability.With inspiration from some national leaders, such as Ed Roberts, the “Father of Independent Living” from California, Audrey initiated Alaska’s first independent living program, which became Access Alaska.

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