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I checked that everyone had their lunches and homework, and anything special they needed for the day.After their separation, it was hard to see them start new relationships.I was the oldest child; I was supposed to hold my family together.But in 2005 it was through my father’s new girl-friend, our family grew again.When the trench collapsed on my dad and my uncle, my uncle managed to get out, as they all attempted to keep the dirt away from my dad’s head.But it didn’t matter; the dirt was pushing harder and harder on his chest until he was unable to breath any longer. After the passing of my father I struggled with severe depression, it was a day to day battle that seemed like an endless fight. I couldn't stand to go to work, to see all the happy families spending time together, I envied them. I wanted to spend the day with my father and siblings, to make some more family memories.I have been through more in my life than most, but I have made it. My parents separated and my father moved into an apartment across town.

They were so lucky to have their parents how could they say they hated them. Later I completely stopped eating, when I was with my family I would lie and say I just ate, I would convince them they just didn't notice. But when I started to come down from the high, I would fall farther into a depressive state then I had begun with, so I would get high again. Every single time you come down from a toxin induced high you feel worse than you ever did before. Once you are hooked on drugs you are not the same person anymore.

We made sure that everyone knew how much we loved them and that no matter what we had each other.

As our families began to accept this tragedy, we were faced with even more pain.

Not only did we now have a step-brother but we had a half-brother too.

When my baby brother was born, I began to understand that while yes, I had two homes now, I still had my family.

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