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Pictured above, the van carrying Toto Riina's coffin disembarks at Palermo harbour The Church had refused to give the man dubbed 'U Curtu' ('Shorty') - who led a reign of terror for almost 20 years after taking control of the Cosa Nostra in the 1970s - a public funeral.

Pictured above, the van carrying Toto Riina's coffin disembarks at Palermo harbour The cemetery was closed to the press amid a heavy police presence.

Pictured above, mourners at Riina's funeral Her husband Antonino Tony Ciavarello posted an article on Facebook in Italian that roughly translates as 'Facebook apologizes to the family of the boss for removing messages of condolence from social media platform.'More condolence posts were written on the back of him posting the article including one friend writing: 'Goodbye Uncle Toto, you're going to the angels.'Mafia experts have warned there may be a power struggle now within the organised crime group.

Multi-murderer playboy Messina Denaro, one of the world's most-wanted men, is seen by many as Riina's natural heir but has been on the run since 1993.

The body of mafia boss who was believed to have ordered the killings of more than 150 people has been has been buried after a funeral in his Italian hometown.

Salvatore 'Toto' Riina, one of the most feared godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia, was buried Wednesday in his hometown of Corleone, the real-life mafia hotbed made famous by the 'Godfather' films and book.

The Facebook profiles of Riina's daughter and her husband were inundated with condolences - such as 'Buon viaggio zio Totò' or 'Have a good journey Uncle Toto' - as well as denunciations for his crimes.

Pictured above, mourners at the funeral He continued to order hits from behind bars and was caught on wiretap this year saying he regretted 'nothing'.Additionally, Riina's daughter, Maria Concetta Riina, posted a photo of a woman kissing her finger with the words 'shh...' written on it.She then blasted Facebook writing: 'The background picture of my fb profile does not want to be a mobster message where the silence, but the request to respect this personal moment of pain!Just a few metres from Riina's last resting place lies Bernardo Provenzano - known as 'the Tractor' for the way he mowed his victims down - and volatile and vain boss Luciano Leggio, who was a young Riina's mentor.But nearby are also buried some of Corleone's heroes, including Placido Rizzotto, a trade unionist brutally murdered for standing up to the Mafia, and Calogero Comaianni, who was slaughtered for his role in bringing Leggio to justice.

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