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Best Mashups of 2014, download best mashup of 2014, best mashup mix of 2014, best mashup songs of 2014, mashup downloads, free mashup downloads mp3, dance mashups, pop mashups, the best of mashups 2014 what your favourite compression/side-chaining tool(s) are as well as any useful techniques you'd like to share with our members that you have learnt over time.Browny points will be awarded for any pics you might want to share.Set it to trigger whenever a specific MIDI note is played, and simply draw the shape you need.You can even shape different frequency ranges independently — shorten only the high frequencies of a kick, for example.In a drum loop, regulate levels for snare, hi-hat, or anything else with just a few clicks, or edit unwanted notes out of a loop.From smooth bezier curves to hard cuts, you decide."Just wanted to let you know how invaluable Volume Shaper is for getting drum sounds in my mixes.

Volume Shaper 4 features a multiband waveform-based editing approach, an extensive selection of preset curves, a precise oscilloscope, a big spectrogram view plus an updated preset library which also allows for cloud-based preset saving functionality.For a less drastic effect, limit the modulation to specific frequencies — try a medium-width mid band — by moving the band sliders.And for ring modulation effects, set the LFO to the frequency of the MIDI notes that you play.The multiband split lets you duck out the bass when the kick hits, or duck the mids to provide space for the snare.Or gate the kick in a drum loop by editing the low band and leaving the mids/highs untouched.

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