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And when she gets him into a reverse headscissor, she taunts him by telling him "my ass will be the last thing you ever see".He thought he was headed to heaven, but she takes him to hell again and again, dominating him from start to finish. This clip contains their first c4s scene together, "I Could Break Some Ribs" FREE PREVIEW 19-year-old Kelli is a powerfully-built bodybuilder who makes her wrestling debut in this semi- competitive matchup vs Buffy's boyfriend, Joey.She has a special brand of humor, which makes the delivery of her brutal punishment even more humiliating.She totally emasculates poor Tony with a series of schoolgirl pins, facesitting, and scissors, forcing him to get "up close and personal" - against his wishes, of course - as she drives his head into her crotch.Shared video memory should work if you have enough RAM memory. We are pleased to welcome gorgeous superstar Jolene Valkyrie to the Crush family.The 5-8, 130-lb lithe, muscular pinup model makes her Killer Crushes debut in a competitive submission match vs 6-0, 190 lb Nic.I would label this video "competitive", except that it wasn't competitive at all.The only mystery is what the final submission tally would be for the 20-minute match.

She's a heavy equipment operator who pretty much dominates any room - or gym - she ever walks into. More often than not, no one even questions whether that's the case. Up until this point, she's been undefeated on the mats, and when she walks in a room, people just know to back the fuck down.

If you're a fan of REAL women's grappling - with some brutal scissoring included - this is the video for you.

FREE PREVIEW At a combined 11 feet 8 inches and 370 lbs of solid muscle, this is probably the biggest matchup we've ever had.

Computer Requirements HD file sizes are quite large and will consume a lot of memory.

A good video card and at least 1GB of RAM should be considered a requirement to play this video. If the video stutters you might not have enough available memory and might have to close other programs.

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