Dating places in faisalabad

Single- or multiple-trunked, pinnate palm to 15-25 m (rarely 30 m) tall.

The trunk is 40 - 60 cm diameter, often with a much wider base.

Many cultivars are potentially referrable to any one of these names because of the brevity of the descriptions so that the names are useless to date grower and botanist alike.Rounded crown of dark green feather leaves 3-5 m long, with pinnae to 20-40 cm long closely spaced along the rachis.Like all Phoenix, it has long, sharp spines at the bases of the leaves, which are formed from modified leaflets.The term 'variety' has not been clearly defined in respect to the date palm, and was used by Popenoe (1973) to refer to what I consider to be cultivars.Martius (1823 - 1853) described seven varieties of P.

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