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He slept in the bathtub because there wasn't a chair and he was too stoned to leave.I agree, this is about as straight-forward a little tale as could be.This song is about a memory from a cabin in Norway made of Norwegian wood and the girl of course.If you guys have seen twin peaks and been to the state of Washington , there you have the Norwegian style of cabins.She realizes it's getting late, she really is very interested, and is trying to get him to kiss her/have sex with her. "She told me she worked in the morning, and started to laugh." Exactly that! maybe I meant she turned me down and I torched the place! One day I will ask him, and then I will know if I was right or not! The song has got to be about an affair if Lennon said it himself in Rolling Stone.When you are a girl that has a job, as most girls do, after the sex is completed, you realize it is now 4 a.m., and you have to get up in 2 hours to get ready for work, so you are saying "I have to get some sleep! What happens during the encounter is what needs to be interpreted.Join her in her flat, "sit anywhere" would be an invitation to the bed since there's no other furniture as her laughing points out, but he's too shy, too married, or something.He sits on the floor, they "rap" all night until she has to get some sleep (no sex, missed his opportunity), he sleeps in the tub (could have been on the floor, but tub is funnier), finds her gone in the morning, lights a fire and thinks about it.

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Mc Cartney has 4, Harrison 2 and Lennon-Mc Cartney have 2 or 3.The bird having flown is an allusion to the marijuana smoke having floated away, so he lights another joint.Also the line "she once had me" means "she had him at hello", as one might say, and also that she cheated or deceived him (to be had) -- he thought he was going to have sex with her.As it is, the phrase indicates that the words "the fire" refer to a specific fire that the listener would already know about in this house or apartment, such as what would be in a fireplace.The Beetles did have a sardonic relationship with their fans, so Paul's sarcastic comment that it was about John torching the place of a girl refused him was clearly hyperbole about John's skill in bedding women. Someone who can essentially seduce anyone he wants isn't going to be so upset at a frustrating evening that he torches a woman's home for not putting out. What's really important is to listen to the lyrics as sung, not as assumed.

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