Guy still shy after dating

So, why is it that when I’m interested in a woman or I see a group of them herding together at the club, I suddenly turn into this timid shell of a person? There's war waging inside of us that we just can't win. Here are 12 very transparent reasons why we are afraid to take that next step with women: We can sense the outcome of what will happen, and we run away from that happening.There are several of us hiding in the shadows of our best alpha male friends. Our friends will call it a wide array of things – lack of self-esteem, being too shy, no initiative, etc.So, we are entirely too self-conscious of our appearances.Whether it be height, weight, skin or anything else, these materialistic elements play huge roles in the first impressions we give to women. We ambush ourselves with questions by trying to analyze situations that may or may not exist.But, we have no idea how to take it to that next level. Well, on paper it might be that simple, but all of these different variables have created a huge hole of self-confidence.

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Most girls who I’ve dated are the product of either my friends set me up or an overwhelming amount of effort or the girl made the first move.

Today, a reader wonders why the guy she's dating isn't making a move...

Here's our lovely reader's question: I've been seeing a guy for a couple months, but he hasn't made any moves on me. When we made plans to cook dinner at his place, I was sure we'd be having a major make-out session, but nothing.

Don’t worry about it that much; be who you want to be Ultimately, if you try to be someone you’re not, one day, someone will fall in love with the wrong person.

That’s never smart and most certainly unfair to all involved.

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