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"We're socialized to want to marry, but then once we get there, we're like, Huh, why am I doing so much housework? Not the housework per se—my boyfriends have generally been more into cooking and cleaning than I am—but the broader existential worry that what I It was quite controversial in 1948 when sexologist Alfred Kinsey announced that, based on self-reported desires and experience, many people fell somewhere in the middle of his zero-to-six scale, with zero being exclusively heterosexual and six exclusively homosexual.

These days, however, the fact that sexual attraction exists on a spectrum is pretty established.

About a decade ago, she and her husband, a lawyer, moved to New York and had a second son. And I liked it." Afterward, she panicked and told Debbie she couldn't see her anymore.

"Problems started four or five years after we moved, and we separated after six years," she says over glasses of sangria one evening. I never saw him."As things at home deteriorated, Maria increasingly found herself grabbing a bite to eat after work with Debbie, a colleague in the real-estate business. "I was like, I'm married, I have kids." Maria even lied to Debbie about the chemistry of the kiss. " Eventually, she confessed her attraction, and the two now live together with Maria's children. The upside of going through it as an adult is that, hopefully, you have a stronger sense of self.

This seems especially true for women, whose sexual desire and behavior varies more over time than men's, according to data from the University of Chicago sex survey and a variety of other academic reports, and is more responsive to experience and social context.

There's also evidence of a curious detachment between what we report we like sexually and what our bodies respond to, a finding explored in a recent book by journalist Daniel Bergner, Bergner discusses the work of psychology researcher and sexologist Meredith Chivers, who measured the physical responses of men and women as they watched an array of provocative imagery while also rating their level of arousal.

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"I'd cry myself to sleep because I was like, How am I going to have friends? It's always seemed quite natural to me to want to kiss them. At first she wasn't sure she could go through with it.I may be somewhat in the minority on this, however."Many hetero women will talk about things with their friends that they don't with their husbands," says Evergreen State College history and family studies professor Stephanie Coontz.And I said, I get that: She was cheating with the father of her children, even though she was artificially inseminated.I'm always the one with the dissenting opinion."Sachs couldn't agree more about the challenges of joining the lesbian world. "Everybody thought I was out to steal their girlfriend.

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