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However, the typical shared segments in these communities were shorter than expected between 5th cousins (8.33 c M length), suggesting multiple lineages of more remote relatedness between most pairs of Jewish individuals….Within the different Jewish communities, three distinct patterns were observed…The Greek and Turkish Jews had relatively modest levels of IBD, similar to that observed in the French HGDP samples.I put up my previous post in haste, and when I published it I wasn’t totally happy with the evidence from which the authors adduced that Ashkenazi Jews were not inbred. Since the population has strong admixture effects, a low IBS doesn’t exclude strong inbreeding, does it?Here’s why, from the comments: Doesn’t identity-by-state permutations test reflect a counterbalance of admixture vs. From my little personal experience IBS is not the best statistic from which to generalize widely, and can be highly misleading in admixed individuals, as implied by the commenter.The Italian, Syrian, Iranian, and Iraqi Jews demonstrated the high levels of IBD that would be expected for extremely inbred populations.Unlike the other populations, the Ashkenazi Jews exhibited The amount of genomic sharing can be easily quantified and the degree of relationships between a random pair of individuals in a population can be estimated.So, when considering “inbred” as in the products of frequency cousin marriages, Ashkenazi Jews are not inbred in that manner.

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In 1801, Great Britain itself entered into a political union with the Kingdom of Ireland to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

LD is a statistic which can measure this, since we’re talking about patterns of correlated alleles across loci.

Given a long enough time LD will converge upon what you would expected in a random mating population.

First, since I’ve stated above that the Ashkenazi Jews admixed between a Middle Eastern and Western European population, as opposed to being a relatively unadmixed ancient Eastern Mediterranean group with affinities to both regions.

The previous previous paper found evidence of linkage disequilibrium decay. In admixed individuals these alleles will be correlated on the same chromosomal segment from one parent.

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