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so i think libya for the foreseeable future is anything but a normal country where you have a government in control of its territory and its population.

i think it's much more akin to the sort of thing we've seen in places like somalia where you more than that. policy, which is often characterized as clear, hold, and build with build meaning transferring the principal authority and responsibility to afghan forces, police and military, is not working.

we certainly don't have a pakistani partner, andrea.

so i think the whole no fly zone thing is something of a symbolic action.

at the end of the day i really do think there's limits to what the united states or the world is prepared to do.

the real question is whether we take the added step for example of enforcing some sort of no fly zone so libyan aircraft can attack the libyan people. at the end of the day we don't want to have to send forces to libya.

we don't want to own the country, much less occupy it.

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